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Page last updated: 22/01/2019
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Welcome! - to A History of the Craigleith Hill District (Edinburgh), Scotland,including a history of the Royal Victoria Hospital.

edited by Alan Ross.

updated 22/1/2019 

The history centres around Craigleith Quarry, famous for its sandstone, see menu Geology of Craigleith Hill as well as areas immediately adjacent to it, see menu History of Craigleith Hill. If you click on Sitemap, on the menu to the left, you will see a list of the locations discussed on this site.

                                                 Click on this image to show an enlargement of the quarry face

The only face of Craigleith Quarry now visible,is designated a Regionally Interesting Geological Site (RIGS) and is situated behind Sainsbury's Superstore in          CRAIGLEITH RETAIL PARK

 Visitors to this area should book in at the INFORMATION DESK just inside the front entrance of Sainsbury's.

                                                                                                                                              The RIGS site is now accessible, with care, after Sainsbury's recent extension.  Students from Oatridge Agricultural College have cleared away broom etc  from the quarry face and exposed the geological interesting parts.





                                                INFORMATION BOARDS                                                     

Recently a joint effort between Sainsbury's and RIGS has seen information

boards being erected giving a history of the quarry.  The above board is situated on the LEFT hand side of the entrance to Sainsbury's and the other is on the outside wall between M&S and Clarkes. A YOU ARE HERE plan is incorporated into the boards



As well as the history of Craigleith Quarry this web site contains many photographs, maps and plans of the surrounding residential area as well as A HISTORY OF Royal Victoria Hospital and the Western General Hospital.

Much of the material was found via internet sites as well as archive material from various libraries in Edinburgh. Some of the material was  supplied by residents living or who have lived in the area.

All of the material is acknowledged and I would appreciate you not using it unless you ask permission. I am continually looking for information on the district and if you have details/stories/photographs on Craigleith's past I would appreciate you contacting me at alanross@blueyonder.co.uk

Modern day photographs of Edinburgh from the Craigleith district:

Taken by Alan Ross

Click on Photographs - Modern Day for more modern photographs

sunrise looking towards west end sunrise calton hill  


                       Rebuild of St James Centre
Before (2008) During (2018) during 2018




Please ask permission if you wish to download any part of this web site. alanross@blueyonder.co.uk