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The following is a list of source material that I have used for the website:-

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All of the above items can be borrowed from Blackhall Library except item 7 which can be viewed in the 'Edinburgh Room' Central Library along with many other items pertaining to Craigleith.

Victoria Hospital References:

  1. Williamson, J. Tuberculosis revisited-or-How we nearly conquered tuberculosis. 2008.  http://www.smj.org.uk/tb1200.htm
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  4. Charles Dickson, of RVH staff, for his supply of many photographs many still to be shown.
  5. RVH for permission to examine/photograph the many photographs and documents hanging in the main reception and WRVS canteen
  6. City of Edinburgh Planning archives for various plans.
  7. RCAHMS for access to aerial photographs.
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  13. The Court of the Lord Lyon and in particular Bruce Gorie Secretary to the Lyons Office.
  14. My thanks to the many people I have met and spoken with on the telephone and who have given me good advice on how/where to contact people with some knowledge of the RVH complex. I still have lots of archival material to examine and hopefully will complete this winter.

Acknowledgements and references:
If I have omitted to acknowledge...... my apologies. Any errors, mistakes or further information please feel free to contact me at alanross87@outlook.com