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Lothian and Borders RIGS group

have designated Craigleith Quarry as a  (RIGS). Regionally Important Geological SitePosters and pamphlets on the famous Craigleith Sandstone Quarry are now available. You can read the leaflet below at the RIGS web site

'A RIGS is a landscape, landform or rock feature identified by the local Lothian and Borders RIGS Group as having particular value for educational and tourist interpretation; for academic research; for the history of science; or for its aesthetic appearance (with the permission of the landowner)'.

During Edinburgh science festival there are conducted tours, by members of the Lothian and Borders Geology group, around the remaining east face of the quarry. The photos below are from the 2003 tour.

More Information

The RIGS Group produced a Craigleith Quarry pamphlet and poster on the geology and surrounding area for distribution in September 2005.

This pamphlet can be seen on the RIGS site.

The North West Heritage (Edinburgh Villages) group  www.nwh.btik.com  recently visited the site and were given a conducted tour by members of the RIGS Society.