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Trees and other Snippets

Below is NHS gardening supervisor Mr Ronald Fraser ( awarded Staff member of 2012) supervising Mr Peter Thomson cutting a slice through one of the diseased trees in the grounds of the RVH. Hopefully this will, by counting the tree rings, give an idea when it was planted.

Photo by Alan Ross 25 04 2012. Thanks for your help, Ronald and Peter.

The cross section has been polished and an attempt to count the tree rings made. It is not exactly clear cut but the number of rings is plus 70 suggesting that the tree was planted in the early 1900's probably by the owner of the original Craigleith House Estate

Autumnal view of some of the trees that surround the Royal Victoria Hospital taken in Craigleith Road. Photograph taken October 2012



A chap called Mark Ford attended a car sale in Dorchester and came across copies of a 106 year old newspaper which was produced to raise funds for the Royal Victoria Hospital. It poked fun at local aristocrats while raising funds for the hospital. Only four copies were published at 1p each. It was found to be part of an international fair at Waverly Market in November 1905 that raised £17,000 for the hospital.

Mark contacted me through this web site and I was able to put him in touch with the Lothian Health Board (LHB) Archivists who were grateful to Mark for donating the documents to their archives.

The Edinburgh Evening News reported this finding on Wednesday April 6th 2011, having been given the information from the LHB Archivists as follows:-
"Whoever bought it, made contact with a man who writes about the Royal Victoria and it was then passed on to our archive".
For more information visit www.lhsa.lib.ed.ac.uk