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Page last updated: 01/06/2015


Modern interesting photographs taken from, in and around
Craigleith Hill

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Craigleith Hill district since 2007.As seen in the following photographs the streets are now empty but at least large vehicles including emergency services can now access residents houses.

It costs 1.20 per hour up to a maximum of 4 hours. Monday to Friday only from 8.30am to 5.30pm


BEFORE Controlled Parking


AFTER Controlled Parking introduced



 The Craigleith Hill Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (CHNWS) covers all the residents within the area of Craigleith Hill.   The CHNWS is a member of the Neighbourhood Watch   Scotland.                                               

CHANGING SKYLINE compare with above photographs


At the North end of Craigleith Hill Crescent . Millers have built  a 40 affordable flat complex which is now complete (MAY 2010) and will be adminstered by Scotland Homes. The VEHICULAR ACCESS TO THIS COMPLEX WILL BE FROM CRAIGLEITH HILL CRESCENT.




Sunrise over St Mary's Cathedral, Dean College and Daniel Stewarts College taken from Craigleith Hill



A close up of the affordable housing complex as viewed from  inside the WGH at the Telford Road entrance looking West. The address of the block on the right nearest Telford Road will be 110 and 112 Telford Road (27 FLATS) and the one on the left will have an address of 127 and 129 Craigleith Hill Crescent (13 FLATS)




St James Centre and Nelson's Column looking across Edinburgh from Craigleith Hill

Magnificent Cherry Tree in Craigleith Hill Gardens in May

Plockton? No it's Craigleith Hill Crescent, Edinburgh



A Dawn Redwood tree the editor grew from seed planted in 2006.  full grown trees (10) outside the front entrance to Sainsbury's in THE QUARRY. Unfortunately they have all been removed  to make way for the superstores new extension which was completed in October 2010. See photograph opposite.

However Sainburys with a little pressure planted another 10 dawn redwood trees at the North end of their store

Edinburgh Castle from Craigleith Hill Gardens in the winter

A night photograph of the front of Sainsbury's new extension opened October 2010


Marks and Spencer

The Cafeteria is now open upstairs in the new extension to M&S at The Quarry retail park. It is situated in the semicircular part above the main entrance.




Costa has arrived in the Quarry and is

located between Clarkes and New Look.

21st October 2009



Terrific photograph of a double rainbow taken by Csilla Gubicza a visitor to the district.