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The Fossil Wall

The fossil wall was originally located at the right of the old entrance to Sainbury's store, see photograph at bottom of page, but has now been relocated as part of the wall between Sainsbury's (right) and Starbuck's (left) as shown in this photograph.

The Botanical Gardens Edinburgh and Ian Rolfe, Keeper of Geology in the National Museums of Scotland advised Sainsbury's, when they developed the site, about a permanent reminder of the tree fossils discovered in the quarry and advised the artist, Reinhard Behrens who was guided towards producing the Fossil wall next to the entrance to the superstore. Ironically, Stainton Sandstone from County Durham was used for this facade.

A plaque, on the wall, tells the brief story of why the Dawn Redwoods were planted outside the main entrance as follows:-

"The Fossil Wall relief is based both on the form of the fossil tree ferns that were found in the quarry in the early 19th century and the Dawn Redwood their closest living relative as planted along the front of the store." - REINHARD BEHRENS 1993

CORRECTION. In 2009 the Dawn Redwood trees were removed from along the front of the store to make way for Sainsbury's extension. Ten new Dawn Redwood trees were planted in 2010, six at the South end of the store and four at the North end of their car park.

Reinhard came to Scotland in 1979 and was exhibited widely, culminating in many awards. He was particularly honoured when he was elected President of the Society of Scottish Artists during its centenary year.

Part of the "fossil wall" which was situated to the right of Sainsbury's main entrance, before its relocation in 2010, depicting fossilised tree remains that were discovered in the Quarry.