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Owners of Craigleith

The following are persons directly associated with Craigleith land or property within the Craigleith estate.

People Associated with Craigleith
Bannockburn and Sauchie Estates - a Mr Davidson was a factor for Lady Steele Maitland for many years.
Mr Bonar, son of Cramond manse.
Estate of Inverleith latterly possessed by Rochead from John Touris by James Rochead.
James Rochead in 1646 bought Craigleith from Sir John Nisbet of Dean.
Changed hands 1780.
Wm. Ramsay of Barnton bought Western and Eastern estate, Drylaw estate, House O' Hill Groathill as well as Craigleith Quarry in 1786.
Barnton Estates purchased by Wm. Ramsay 1790 and merged with Kings Cramond Estates.
Craigleith Park............Bonar esq. 1821.
Craigleith............ Ramsay esq...1821.
15 quarriers and 15 labourers 1881 census.
Lothian Chemical Company used quarry for TNT manufacture 1915.
John and James Lawrence Ltd lessees of the quarry.
Quarry Masters and Manufacturers of cast stone 1938.